Mr. Dhammika Perera is co-founder of the Dhammika & Priscilla Perera Foundation. Along with co-founder Mrs. Priscilla Perera, he sets the overall direction on philanthropic projects on education and healthcare.

“There is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance.”

philosophy the foundation thrives on for all education efforts. The foundation champions education, where anyone, anywhere, can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience for free.

DP Digital University, which is an initiative of Mr. Dhammika Perera and Ms. Karryn Perera, is the second education philanthropic effort of the foundation. DP Education has introduced 08 YouTube channels for students from Preschool to Grade 13. Also, in 2021, we have launched DP Education App in iOS, Android, and Windows versions making the content more accessible for students across the island. As a result, more than one million daily users are learning across all our platforms.

With all the education platforms, DP Digital University, DP Education, DP Kids, DP Coding School, and DP IELTS, Mr. Perera’s vision is to provide an opportunity for everyone to access free education and be competent in various subjects, with a particular emphasis on Mathematics, English and IT.

The foundations’ ultimate goal is to build a knowledge-based society and improve the skillset of 20% of Sri Lanka’s population.